Klover Insert 22

The Klover PFP 22 is an inset wood pellet boiler. The great advantage of an inset is that you still get a great view of the flames but the boiler does not encroach into the room. The PFP 22 has a relatively high heat output and so can provide the heating and hot water for a relatively large home. At reduced output the PFP wood pellet boiler has an efficiency of 95.9% - making it probably the most efficient inset pellet boiler in the world and certainly up there with only a very few other pellet boilers in terms of efficiency.

Like nearly all of the Klover wood pellet boilers the PFP 22 is MCS certified and applicable for the RHI grant scheme.

Technical Data

  • Height: 870mm
  • Width: 865mm
  • Depth: 770mm
  • Efficiency: 90.2%
  • Nominal Output to Water: 18.3kW
  • Nominal Output to Room: 1.8kW
  • Minimum Output to Water: 5.6kW
  • Minimum Output to Room: 0.7kW
  • Flue Diameter: 100mm
  • Fuel: Wood Pellets
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Other Descriptor: Inset, Boiler

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